Monday, February 6, 2012

One Week Later & Sunny!

Sheep & Rooster Enjoying The Sun!
It's amusing to include the rusty rooster in the Wild Rose Farm pictures ..... he serves as a reference point now, compared to the whiteout we had last weekend.   It's close to feeding time, so the sheep are all watching the house waiting for someone to come out of the basement & make their way to the barn.
The next shot backs that up ...... the cats are also all out in front of the barn waiting for their afternoon "moist food".  It's just one can of moist food split between 4 cats, but it's our way of making sure that they're all around & ok.  They have free choice dry food, but they never miss an evening meal!
What a beautiful February (!) day.  Double click on the picture & see if you can spot Stripe sitting on wagon wheel.  He's has perfect camo against the barn.  I just happen to know he's there. 
Wild Rose Farm In February


EGunn said...

Sorry for an off-topic comment: I can't find a way to email you directly. Your description says that you sell combed top; is that offline only, or is there a place I can find your wool online? Thanks!

~Erica Gunn

RMK said...

Great to hear from you Erica. You can send an email to wildrosefarm "at" Just type it all in as an email address .... trying to avoid spam!