Monday, February 13, 2012

Well Insulated For Snow .....

If you ever doubt the insulating power of wool, just look at the sheep after a snowstorm.  Our little Wild Rose Farm ewe lamb gazes up over the backs of 2 older ewes.  It hadn't snowed since morning & here we are at 4PM feeding time.  The snow is still just sitting on the tips of their wooly coats ...... not melting.  They are warm & comfortable under there!  Just a few minutes before the ewes were frisking around and running back from the water tank.  Typical sheep behavior ...... they get distracted eating or doing something & then they look up to realize that they are alone!  Accckkkk!  They take off at a run to be back with the rest of the flock.
Upper Spring Development Water Tank
As for the water tank, it was flowing freely with just a touch of ice along the edge.  The flow of the water from the spring development means that it is at deep ground temperature.  The spring development flows from the top water tank to the lower tank before exiting through the overflow pipe.  No moving parts, just gravity flow!
Barn Stones & Lower Spring Water Tank

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