Sunday, February 26, 2012

Saskatchewan Screamer?

Wind Damage - Cutting Tree Off Of Fence!
This is the first time we've heard the weather referred to as a Saskatchewan Screamer , and it did do some damage at Wild Rose Farm.  We got a little snow, but high winds turned out to be the real problem.  We spotted this dead elm tree down over the fence along Route 30.  The light snow was still blowing around Saturday morning when the above picture was taken. This time the top wire of the high tensile fence was snapped.
One of the sheep feed bunks ended up about 4 feet off of the ground in some trees and the other one ended up against a back fence line.  Luckily the plastic portion of the feeders separated from the metal runners and went airborne up over the electric net fence ...... that could have been a tangled mess!
Curious Deer
By the time the afternoon rolled around, the deer had ventured over to the tree to check it out.  All I did was step outside of the house. See how they both spotted me immediately from about 300 feet away?   This will merit a walk around all of the fencelines to look for more damage.  Just more of the mundane side of farm activity ......


Becky said...

Never heard of it either, but it was truly windy. Sorry that it made extra work for you.

RMK said...

We still have to hike around the rest of the fence lines. It seems to be the trees with the poison ivy, grapevines, or Virginia creeper that topple over!