Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Couple of Cool & Sunny Days!

Wild Rose Farm Yearling Rambouillet Rams Out & About!
The rams above were delighted to be out on pasture!  After evenings of thunder showers for the last week, Memorial Day weekend turned out to be sunny, but cool here.  There were hard frosts again late last week overnight, so all of the local gardens were covered up.  We had 2 more ewes lamb last week and we completed a round of booster shots for the 2nd batch of lambs ....
Wild Rose Farm Lambs Booster Shots Done
 As we sort them off and give them their shots, we freshen up their paint number, & drop them in a lambing pen so they don't get pushed around, but the ewes can still see them ....

Ram Lamb Thinks .... You Want Me To Go Out Now???
Then it was out to pasture to join the 1st group of ewes & lambs ...... herding lambs for the first time is like herding cats.   It's just soooo lamby confusing!

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