Thursday, May 16, 2013

Wild Rose Farm Out To Pasture

Wild Rose Farm Portrait - #34 Dot Ewe Lamb
We gave our 2nd batch of lambs their booster shots today and then turned them out to pasture with the 1st group.  Here's one of the twins from x-bred #34 - we tag the ewe lambs in the left ear & tag the ram lambs in the right ear.  If she stays in the flock, she'll get her permanent flock tag in her right ear.  Her paint number looks like it's camo in this shot! :)

Wild Rose Farm Rambouillet #415 With Twins
For the Rambouillet watchers in the crowd, here's # 415 with her twins - one of each.  The weather was warm today - it got up to about 80 degrees .......
Tomorrow, is "fleece day".  I'll be skirting fleeces for the Waynesburg Sheep & Fiber Festival/ and I'll put up some pictures!   Hopefully the weather will be nice for the weekend. 

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