Saturday, July 19, 2014

Cool Weather & Rain At Wild Rose Farm

Mowing Pasture Before It Rains
Readers will notice that it's still very green here for mid-late July.  We have a forecast for a couple of days of rain, so we got this paddock below the house mowed yesterday as soon as we moved the sheep through it.  Then we mowed the "hospital pen" right below the barn after the ewes munched it down overnight.  The skies were getting pretty dark as we were finishing ...
Ewes Grazing Below Hospital Pen - Tractor Headed For The Barn
 I got this perspective up towards the barn while on the riding lawn mower doing some trim work along the fence.  The ewes are grazing what is essentially the "second cuttting" in this pasture ... some seed heads, but mostly green second growth.
Rainy Morning At Wild Rose Farm
A steady gentle rain started after dark, continued overnight, and went off & on all day Saturday.  We had just over 1" in the rain gauge as of this evening ... temps are a cool 65 degrees.
Evening Drizzle & Misty Fog In The Woods
The sheep have been shifted over one paddock and along with llama Snow White , they graze on in the rain tonight. We're hearing that the forecast calls for 80's & 90's starting on Monday ... I'd settle for mid-70's & the sheep would certainly like it better.

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