Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Leaving Wild Rose Farm!

Wild Rose Farm - 4 Ewe Lambs Avoiding The Shepherd !
Today it was time for five Wild Rose Farm ewe lambs to go to their new home ... notice that lamb # 5 has evaded the camera.  She's figured out which way to go and has made a dash for the chute behind me.  The weather was perfect for sheep shipping ... overcast & cool in the high 60's.
Wild Rose Farm Ewe Lambs Ready To Travel !
The sun came out just before Mike & Linda got here with the utility van.  We had a nice visit "talking sheep" and then loaded up the lambs.  They were already munching hay as the doors closed.
Sunny Skies & Down The Road Go The Lambs ...
Glad to see them going to a great new home.  So, another pic of a vehicle heading out the driveway ... am I getting into a photographic rut?!?  ;~0

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