Saturday, July 26, 2014

Really, We Were Just Leaving ...

Trailer Hooked Up & Ready To Go
We were literally walking out the door to go pick up 50 - 60 bales of 2nd cutting hay "out of the field" from our neighbor, when two of "the boys" pulled into the lower driveway.  They had 50 bales on their truck.  
Backed In & Unloading Hay
This was great!  Now your intrepid blogger got to take pictures -vs- being in the top of the barn dragging & stacking bales ... yea!  Why the delivery?  Thunderstorms are threatening, so the guys ran this over while the father kept baling.  We only wanted one load of the small square bales so that we have something tasty to offer sheep who may get sick, or for when we want to increase the nutrition level for a short period of time on select sheep.  You get the idea ...
Done Unloading ...
Off They Go Back To The Hayfield!
An hour & a half later & I can hear the thunder in the distance ... rain is coming!  Time to shut down the PC! 

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