Thursday, July 17, 2014

Llama Lazing .....

Llama Snow White With Her Ewes ...
Here's a view from the house ... Snow White is out under the pine trees resting with the ewes.  We brought them up to the barn yesterday as a group. 
First we had to go find the llama.  There is a spot where we just had some tree stumps pulled, so there is a nice area of fresh soil exposed ... perfect for llama dust bathing!   It seems that rolling in the dirt was preferable to hanging out with the sheep.
At the barn, we put a halter on the llama, did a little grooming & brushing, and then put some fly repellent on her face & legs.  We also took a little time to lead her around and give her some treats.  Every time we handle her, I thank her previous owners, Darlene & Ray for showing her, grooming her, and teaching her to lead.  She has been easy to handle for us so far.
It was a comical scene yesterday & I didn't have my camera with me ... the 2 new Dorset lambs were integrated into the ewe flock.  I say that loosely, because they still hang out together and don't want to be separated from each other. 
Anyway, they've never seen a llama and interestingly, Snow White immediately knew that they were strangers in the flock.  She stood and alertly watched them as they alertly watched her!  The little pair slowly made their way over to her and they had some nose to nose sniffing.  As they went to join the rest of the ewes, Snow White followed them and "completed" her sniffing identification of the newcomers. 

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