Saturday, August 23, 2014

2014 Hookstown Fair Pics

Judging Of The 4-H Poultry Projects
We have a couple of pictures from the Hookstown Fair ... I forgot the camera for 2 nights.  Then we had rain storms on the nights when I had the camera, so it only came out in the larger buildings.  Friday night was a real mess, especially in the parking areas.  We went past the fairground this morning and the one of the back lots still had about 20 "stuck" cars ... oh yea, and 1 stuck "jacked up" 4WD pickup.  Didn't do "the boys" any good when they were flinging mud, but sliding sideways towards the cars.   Hoo boy!  Have to wait to tow all of them out now.    :(
Feeding Time For The Ram Pens
This is the first time that we've seen Tunis sheep at the fair ... their pen sign says "It's A Red Thing!".
Tunis Sheep
Southdown Sheep - Where's My Feed?

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