Thursday, August 7, 2014

Natural Dye Workshop At The Mannings

The Mannings In East Berlin, PA
Wild Rose Farm went on a roadtrip last week to The Mannings for a workshop on natural dyeing.  For those who don't know, folks are drawn from "all over" to the classes conducted year round at The Mannings.  Some of the weaving classes are in-depth week long events, but this was a 2 day class.
The Mannings Natural Dye Class - Out Under The Tent
Our instructor, Juanita Breidenbaugh, did a great job of preparing for the class.  The yarn was freshly pre-mordanted and we had a varied selection of dye materials.  Some of the common plants that we used were goldenrod, mullien, onion skins & chicory.   Some of our instruction was done indoors, but we had fantastic weather to go outside and spread out.
Hanging Skeins Out To Dry
We also used many other natural dye extracts and techniques to come up with a rainbow of colors.  We completed the workshop by learning painting & dip dyeing.  I can see why this class with Juanita sells out every summer ... this was my 3rd attempt to register! 
All Hands On Deck In The Dyepots!
Another neat thing ... check out this "dye pot wagon".  Juanita told us that her husband made it with a gas stove top securely mounted & leveled on a wheelbarrow frame.  Sheet metal is welded around 3 sides as a wind barrier.  You can easily move this from storage to the outdoors when you want to dye.  Needless to say, this is for the more serious production scale dyers out there.  :)  I love it!
We all left with samples of every yarn that we dyed and a recipe handout.  As soon as they're dry, I'll put up a post of the rainbow of colors.