Thursday, August 14, 2014

Natural Dye Rainbow!

Natural Dye Class Rainbow Of Samples
I finally got the sample yarn skeins from the natural dyeing class at The Mannings racked, stacked, & packed.   I'll submit 2 pictures to my discerning audience because it's all about the lighting!   I'm particularly fond of the over-dyed and dip-dyed skeins. 

Natural Dye Skeins "Mixed" To Separate Colors
Definitely click on these pictures to see the colors.  The Fustic over-dyed with Indigo gave us the green & yellow/gold skein.  That deep purplish skein is another favorite.  Look closely at the subtle color variation ... Cochineal also over-dyed with Indigo.   The bright yellow/orange/pink dip-dyed skeins look great here and also look good after they were "re-skeined" ... the skein gets a different multi-color strand appeal.   It makes you want to go out and set up a batch of dye pots, eh?!?   I may be doing a natural dye demo later in September ... what to do, what to do?  We didn't even get into Sumac or Walnut in this workshop ...  :)


thecrazysheeplady said...

How pretty!!!

RMK said...

Nice laying them out in a color wheel ... each person took home a whole set for reference.

Vermont Grand View Farm said...

Oh I love Mannings! I have never thought about taking their natural dye class, but now, after seeing your pictures, I will have to take it!! Love it! I just want to hug all those skeins of yarn!