Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Summer Grazing

Wild Rose Farm Ewes Grazing
There's nothing special going on right now ... we're just rotating the ewes through a second time on summer pasture.  We've had good moisture all summer.  As soon as we're done with this section of pasture, we'll stop the grazing, go to feeding round bales of hay, and rest the pastures until fall.  These are cool season grasses and legumes, so they are still slowing down and now need the extended time to recover. 
No matter what the weather, the weeds can still thrive.  I spent several hours this week hand cutting out some little patches of Canada thistle, pokeweed, & horsenettle.  When walking the pastures, you'll come across these little clumps, and it's best to eliminate them before they go to seed. 
It's tedious work, like weed whacking the fence lines ... sigh.  :~(

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