Tuesday, May 11, 2010

24 Hours .......

The ewes and yearlings were enjoying a sunny & breezy day on Monday.  It turns out that the ewe in the front had a set of twins overnight in the pasture.   But before that happened, on Monday afternoon, Wild Rose Farm x-bred ewe #29 (see her story here last spring), had a set of twin ewe lambs in the pasture.  One of our Rambouillet ewes was sniffing around her and trying to get to her lambs.   That is a pretty good indicator that she is getting ready to lamb herself  ...... she's looking for her lambs.  It's important that the ewes have enough room to get away from the others when they are going into labor.   Anyway, she followed #29 and her lambs being carried up to the barn and she was put into her own pen.   She had a set of twin ram lambs in the barn by this morning.  Then when we went out to check the pasture this morning at 5AM, our friend #325 had a set of twins - one of each.  So ...... 3 sets of twins in 24 hours.  Definitely a good day! 
Look closely for lamb number two at the top of the picture ..... getting covered with hay from #29!

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