Sunday, May 30, 2010

Open House & 1st Cutting Hay

Yes, of course our 1st cutting hay was ready to be picked up out of the field the same day as the Wild Rose Farm Spring Open House.  Well, it hardly felt like spring!  Temps in the mid-80's and a little breeze.   This was the first year that we didn't put the ewes and lambs in the pen next to the driveway ..... too hot!  It wouldn't be fair to them to be hanging around all day in the sun.  At least we had the day old twins in the barn and 2 ewes with their twins.   Our first visitors of the day came early and had a chance to feed our bottle lambs.  We have 2 lambs that are being supplemented since the ewe wasn't giving quite enough milk for them.  The kids really enjoyed the bottle feeding and then we went down into the pasture field to find "U".   She seems to be developing her own fan club!  No sooner was the open house over than we were packing it up, grilling some supper, and heading off to pick up our hay.   We unloaded the first trailer load and then brought the 2nd load back at dusk and parked it in the barn to be unloaded Monday morning.  Why Monday?  Because we headed out to Wooster, Ohio for the Great Lakes Sheep & Wool Show on Sunday!

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