Tuesday, May 18, 2010

By Popular Demand!

Here it is ..... the Waynesburg Sheep & Fiber Fest  "People's Choice" winner from our first Fiber Art contest.  This little brown baby coverall with "booties" was just one of the cutest things!   Everyone just picked up the little feet and smiled!   Of course lots of votes were cast and there were piles of votes for everything.  One item that also attracted attention was the green & pink tea cozy below ..... several people wondered what kind of hat it was and thought the the 2 openings were for your ears!  :)   The blue/green scarf entry in the front center came from a fiber artist in Canada, so we were really pleased with that. 
Let's switch gears and look at one of the fiber vendors, Columbus Park Fiber & Quilting of Erie, PA.  Look at the great colors on all of the batts.  Everything from natural to pastels to vibrant colors.   They also had spinning wheels for sale that customers were able to try out.  You surely want to "try before you buy" on this kind of investment!  
And, as we're also prone to say ..... meanwhile, back at the ranch, after a fabulous weekend, the wind and rain was falling on Monday and Tuesday.  The lambs were in the barn until around 5PM today and here they are just after they got out,  full of pent up energy.  One jumps and here they come!  Front & center = twist!

Tomorrow's post: "A Room With A View .... And A Loud Sound!"


Leslie said...

(Not sure if my original comment made it through to the queue--if so, feel free to delete this one.)

I'm the fiber artist from Canada who entered the blue/green scarf and the alpaca handspun hat--how exciting to see the blue ribbon on the scarf!

I wouldn't have known about the festival if you had advertised in Spin Off magazine, so good call there :)

Looks like it was a nice turnout and the People's Choice winner is so cute!

RMK said...

We were happy to have the great entry and I'm glad that you mentioned the ad in Spin Off. Good feedback for the planning committee. I'll mention it at our wrap-up meeting on the 28th. Nice blog too!