Monday, May 24, 2010

Looks Good For Her Age!

This is Wild Rose Farm #802, a 12 year old Rambouillet ewe.  She is standing to the right of a yearling ewe and we think that she looks pretty good for her age.  At first we didn't think that she was bred, but now she seems to be filling out.  Time will tell, so we'll keep watching.   One of her companions is #315 and she is huge!   She's giving us a funny look as we come up behind her to check things out ..... "any day now", she says.
And begging the indulgence of the audience, here's a shot of some of our gorgeous peonies shown off in a classic "Lady Head Vase" .   I clearly remember us picking this out at the Thrift Drugstore on Brodhead Road in Aliquippa, in the mid-60's, as a present for my mother.  We walked to the store with my father to buy it.  This lady looks best in lush peonies .....  and she also looks good for her age!  :) 

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