Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pasture Check

Here are some of the sights while we're conducting a Wild Rose Farm pasture check.   First, the ewes and lambs seem to be swimming in the tall grass!  They follow little pathways and mowed strips.  But not all is sweetness and light ...... Just over the fence, below the right side of the picture above, we find this view over the hill!
Many old farmsteads have a dump on the property.  Sometimes the dump is in an old house foundation like my grandfather's farm.  They are usually over a hill, or as far as someone could heave their trash over the fenceline.   As I walked along the fenceline patrolling for any potential lost lambs, I rediscovered this mini-dump over the hill.  It must have been out of sight, out of mind for the prior owners ........  :(

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