Saturday, May 22, 2010

Rainy Day @ Wild Rose Farm

Thank goodness after the downpours today that it wasn't last weekend during the WS&FF!  We had another set of twins born in the field yesterday, but we brought them into the barn last night.  No sense leaving them out at this early stage.  Here is #35 and her twins ..... one ewe lamb and one ram lamb.

While out tonight on "pasture patrol" we spotted a deer in the far corner of the field.  This is where 2 sections of our fence come together.  The doe jumped up and over the fence into the pasture ..... I suspect that she has fawns inside the fence.  We've noticed this in other years and we think that they may find the fenced pasture a safer place to keep their fawns. 
Look closely at the picture --- it's starting to get misty & foggy.  Double click on it to enlarge it and you can see the "V" of the doe's tail on the other side of the 10 strand high tensile fence. 
Aaaaaccccckkkkk!!!!!!!  Blogger is having trouble uploading pictures right now!   It's time to move on, so we'll try to add the pictures tomorrow. :(
Yea ..... pictures successfully added.

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