Sunday, April 17, 2011

DONE For Another Year!

Shearing Started on Yearling Ewes
After drenching rains all day on Saturday, we had clear skies & high winds today at Wild Rose Farm.  The remaining yearlings & the big ram were in the barn and were nice and dry for shearing.  Shearing a full size ram is almost a wrestling match .... it starts with the controlled take down.  Then the ram has to be held down by one or two helpers as the shearer plows through his dense Rambouillet fleece.  We never get any pictures of that since we're all involved in the process.  Actually, he was pretty good this year ..... he just doesn't like the feel of the clippers when they get next to his horns.  We were pleased after he was sheared since he is in good flesh.  Sometimes the rams lose a lot of weight during the breeding season.
So  ----- the shearing is done for another year and we now start setting up for the start of lambing season in a couple of weeks!
Shearing Done For Another Year!

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