Saturday, April 9, 2011

Shearing Day 1

This year we've ended up with 2 days of shearing at Wild Rose Farm.  Today the bred ewes were sheared and tomorrow the yearlings and the big ram will take their turn.  Tonight the ewes are outside and the yearling ewes and the big ram have been moved into the barn to dry off. 
Speaking of the big ram, that's him on the left watching the action in the barn as the shearing starts.  This year, our shearer Don brought Hannah along to get some experience shearing.  She has some sheep of her own including a Tunis ram.  She did 4 of the Dorset & x-bred ewes and finished with the Rambouillet ram lamb.  It's always good to see someone else get into shearing! 
We definitely got some nice fleeces and several of them will be going with us to the Waynesburg Sheep & Fiber Fest in May .... 
As always, when you have colored sheep, they are the last to be sheared so that none of the dark fibers get mixed in with the white wool.  So .... the last one to be sheared today was Wild Rose Farm "U". 

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