Saturday, April 30, 2011

Two Lambs & Two Fleeces

Wild Rose Farm #105 Dorset and Twins
We like to be in the barn a this time of year sorting & skirting fleeces.  You can hear the ewes & lambs "talking" to each other.  Dorset #105 was settled in with her twins sleeping right in front of her.
Here are 2 more fleeces skirted & ready to go to the Waynesburg Sheep & Fiber Fest .....
First up is a nice Rambouillet fleece from one of our 2 year olds, Wild Rose Farm #401.  The cast iron lamb mold in front was an Easter present!  I've always wanted one of these. Special thanks to "S&L" for adding another item to my cast iron collection ......
Wild Rose Farm #401 Rambouillet Fleece
The next fleece is a crossbred fleece from Wild Rose Farm #50 ---- more Rambouillet in her breeding than Dorset, so she also has a fine fleece.  
Wild Rose Farm #50 Crossbred Fleece

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