Thursday, April 28, 2011

First Set of Twins

Wild Rose Farm Dorset #105 Twins
Here we are bringing the 1st set of twins born this spring up to the barn.  One person has to carry and the other one has to open & close the electric net fence.  The ewe is very attentive & concerned .... you almost trip over her because she stays so close to the lambs.  These are Dorset x Rambouillet crossbreds out of Dorset #105.  One ewe & one ram and both are healthy.
And now a follow-up to the post yesterday about "U", "U2", & the headgate.  U was released from the headgate this morning and is doing fine.  No problems now with allowing the lamb to nurse.  It usually works out without a problem ... yea!
Looking back as I closed the fence, I saw a group of the expectant ewes watching their flockmate go up to the barn with her lambs.

Where Did The Lambs Go?

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