Sunday, April 24, 2016

All Is Calm ...

Hey Lady - Why Do You Keep Coming Out Here To Look At Us? 
Everyone is still standing around as of this evening with nothing going on.  We'll just keep checking!  Just before I was going out to the barn to work on more fleeces, we got a visit from one of our blog followers. It's nice to know that folks are out there watching the comings and going of the flock ... I promised lamb pictures "soon", so now we're feeling the pressure to perform.
We got another lamb's wool fleece and another Rambouillet fleece skirted today ... at least something is getting done around here! :~0
Wild Rose Farm - #420 Rambouillet Fleece In Dazzling Sunshine! 
Wild Rose Farm - Ewe Lamb 0538 X-bred Fleece
Wild Rose Farm - Ewe Lamb 0538 Fleece Close-up

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