Monday, April 25, 2016

The Storks Arrive At Wild Rose Farm!

A Pair Of Geese Arrive Early This Morning!
The storks geese arrived this morning just after the 6:30AM pasture check.  Huh? I know that storks bring babies, but I guess geese bring lambs! We had heard the honking and didn't see any geese in the sky. Then the dogs saw them & started to bark. We've had geese land in the pasture before, but this was a first.  :)
Dorset Ewe #1445 Separated From Flock At Dawn
 This is what a ewe close to lambing does ... she begins to separate herself from the rest of the flock.
Glenda On Patrol In The Next Pasture
Finally, this evening around 6:40PM, Dorset ewe #1445 went into labor. By 7:10 she had a single ram lamb, the first of our 2016 lambing season. This is her first lamb and she immediately started to take care of it and clean it off.
Wild Rose Farm Ewe & Newborn Lamb Nearing Dusk
Wild Rose Farm - Snow White Is Fascinated By The New Lamb!
Snow White couldn't take her eyes off of the new lamb. After several of the other ewes had sniffed the new lamb and moved on, Snow White approached and gently sniffed at her new charge.  Ewe and lamb are now in the barn resting ...

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