Thursday, April 7, 2016

Ready For Shearing Day!

Headed For The Barn!
Today is shearing day at Wild Rose Farm ... notice how nice and sunny it was yesterday! Temps are now hovering around 43 degrees and will be falling later today.  Oh ... and it's drizzling with spotty heavier rain throughout the day.  Yuck. Unfortunately, that's the way it goes when you schedule in advance.
Wild Rose Farm - Wait 'Til You See How We Clean Up!
Everyone spent the night in the barn to keep dry and we'll get about half of them sheared today and the other half probably tomorrow if all goes well.  Being newly sheared, they'll have to stay inside for a week or 10 days depending on the weather ... they always have access to the outdoors & they make the choice.
Wild Rose Farm Dorset #115 - I'm Ready To Get This Done!
Dorset ewe #115 was one of the first ewes marked as bred last November ... let's follow along and see if she is one of the first to lamb.  We have an order for a Rambouillet fleece for a guild study project in Virginia, so I'd like to get that put together and shipped by Monday.  :)

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