Thursday, April 21, 2016

Waiting & Skirting ...

Wild Rose Farm - Snow White & Ewes Under The Pine Trees
No lambs yet as of this evening, so work continued without interruption on the fleeces today. Taking a break at noon, by walking out to the ewes to check on them, we turned up some pushy ewes ...
WRF Rambouillet #403 Would Like A Treat!
And "as long as you're handing out treats", #401 says, "I might as well push up to the front of the line". It's hard for me to get back far enough to take a picture! :)
WRF Rambouillet #401 Pushes Her Way In Too! 
Since there are no pictures of lambs yet, we'll have to settle for 2 more yummy Rambouillet fleeces that we skirted today.
Wild Rose Farm Rambouillet #332 Fleece
Wild Rose Farm Rambouillet #410 Fleece Fills The Bag!
Rambouillet #332 Fleece Close-up
Rambouillet #410 Fleece Close-up

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