Sunday, May 15, 2016

Beautiful Day For An Outing!

Wild Rose Farm Ewes & Lambs Enjoy A Sunny Day!
Although it was cool today - in the 40's & 50's we had some nice sun for the ewes & their lambs. It also spit rain & some snowflakes (?) a couple of times. The ewes with the oldest lambs got to enjoy some grazing in the sunshine. 
A quick count shows that from 5/11 through 5/14, eighteen ewes lambed for us! Wow. That's out of a total of 38 bred ewes. We're down to 6 more ewes to go.  Now to go back and count the lambs since that's the follow-up question! There were no lambs born today, so we got some ear tagging and other chores done. The barn is packed with sheep right now ... :)

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