Friday, May 27, 2016

Fun With Girl Scouts!

Wild Rose Farm - Watching Ewes & Lambs Coming In!
We had fun this afternoon hosting a group of Girl Scouts, leaders & parents, and of course, little brothers who came along. The 3 sets of triplet lambs in the barn were a big hit ... a couple are being supplemented with a bottle, so they are easy to catch & everyone got to pet a lamb. After a discussion on lambing, wool, & yarn, we went outside and called up the ewes & lambs.  It's an impressive sight to see them all streaming up. Snow White was also front & center since she was trying to figure out who all of the people were and what was going on!
Glenda Has A Fan Club!
After the sheep wandered away, attention was turned to Glenda.  She stood just out of reach and wouldn't take a treat, but she seemed to be fascinated by all of the kids looking at her. I explained how donkeys have to think everything is their idea, so having her come up and enjoy the attention was fun. Alas, she also got bored, turned, walked away, and then rolled in the dust. No one had ever seen that before, so it was another teaching moment.  :)
Into The Sunset & Off To Get Ice Cream! 


Susan said...

Thanks again for hosting our troop! The girls (and moms!) really enjoyed themselves and we loved learning all about the sheep and seeing the lamb-pede!!

RMK said...

We enjoyed the visit too ... Glenda never had so many friends!