Sunday, May 1, 2016

What The Well Dressed Ewe Is Wearing!

Wild Rose Farm #135 Wears A Lamb Shrug ...
We had a set of twin ram lambs waiting this morning at the 6AM pasture check. Crossbred ewe #135 followed right up to the barn & was penned up with her lambs. A check later in the morning found this little guy hanging around her neck ... it must be warmer there!
We sorted off a group of 6 ewes last night and put them into the pen along the driveway. These ewes look pretty big and 2 of the 6 have had triplet lambs in the past. With the slow start to the lambing, it feels like everyone will come at once. I feel better with several of them in another group closer to the barn, especially if there is the potential of triplets ...
Four of the Six "Big" Ewes in the Driveway Paddock

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