Friday, May 6, 2016

Brought Something Back This Time!

Wild Rose Farm - Is Your Pile Steaming?!?
Here was the scene Thursday evening. I just noticed the composting manure pile steaming! The pile was turned on Wednesday when my BIL came over and picked up a truckload for their garden.
We brought the ewes up to the barn for a feeding around 8PM Thursday. One of our Rambouillet ewes, #328, was standing off by herself ...  We cut her out of the bigger flock & sent her down with the smaller group of "big" ewes in the pond paddock. Finally, we were rewarded with lambs at the 1AM pasture check.
#328 had a set of twin ewe lambs and #133 had a single ram lamb waiting for us. Both are in the barn now & we'll get pictures later today (it still feels like yesterday to me!).  Good night or good morning - whatever!

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