Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Singles Today

View From Kitchen Window Through Early Morning Fog
Today was a day for singles at Wild Rose Farm. We started with Rambouillet #405 in the front paddock at 7:30AM. We spotted her going into labor - the closest one we've been able to watch from the house this spring.  There was no rain, but it was a foggy, misty morning. It didn't take her very long to deliver a single ewe lamb.
Wild Rose Farm #405 With A Big Ewe Lamb
The fog started to burn off and we brought them up along the driveway to go to the barn.
Ewe & Lamb Resting Along Driveway
Later during the afternoon check at chore time, we found 2 other ewes with single ram lambs in the main pasture group ... That's probably it for today!

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