Friday, May 13, 2016

The Last Two Days ...

Snow White Watching In The Misty Evening
Here's what it looks like in the pasture at night. Snow White is usually in a position to oversee everything and of course she watches my approach. Doesn't she remind you of that famous Loch Ness Monster photo?!? Nothing was happening during the night, but starting in the morning on Thursday & then throughout the day, 4 ewes lambed, including Rambouillet #403 with a set of triplets.
Rambouillet Ewe #403 With Her First Triplet - Still More To Come
Today was another busy day with 6 ewes having lambs spaced out from 8AM to 8PM.
Around 1PM, ewe #136 had a set of twins and was followed in towards the barn by ewe #50, who didn't want to be left alone in the paddock. We also noticed a distant gaze, which made us think that she was going to lamb today too.
#136 With A Set Of Twins & # 50 Thinking About It ...
It turns out that #50 did finish lambing around 8PM, along with #134, our easily recognized horned ewe.
Wild Rose Farm #50 With Triplet Ewe Lambs
Wild Rose Farm #134 With Twin Ewe Lambs
So ... those are the highlights of what has been going on for the last 2 days. Today the ewes with the oldest lambs were given access to the hospital pen along the driveway. It was their first outing and they seemed to enjoy jumping and stretching their little legs ...

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