Monday, May 2, 2016

Overnight Lambs

Paddock Shift & Fresh Grass
We didn't seem to have any activity at the afternoon paddock shift yesterday. In fact, Rambouillet ewe #423 is in the left foreground with grass hanging out of her mouth.  By the 8PM pasture check, she had just started to go into labor and we were able to call the whole group up to the barn  and separate her out of the flock. She had delivered the first of a set of twin ewe lambs by midnight.
Before that though, when we were leaving the pasture around 4PM, one of our Dorset ewes had separated out of the group and followed me up to the barn bleating. Hmmmm ... was she going to lamb?
Dorset Ewe Following Under A Rainbow As The Sun Comes Out!
We put her in the big mixing pen with 3 ewes that had already lambed. As of this morning, nothing had happened. Ok, that's the way it goes!
At the midnight barn check we also found Rambouillet ewe #421 in the field with labor underway. Nothing to do at this point, but let it unfold. She had delivered a set of twin ewe lambs by 3:30AM and she followed nicely up to the barn. No sooner than they were in the barn, a T-storm started.
More lamb pics later!

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