Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Lambs Keep Coming!

Dorset #116 With Twin Ewe Lambs Just Before Midnight!
We had a very busy day again on Saturday. To make it more interesting, the weather was rainy and the temperatures dropped into the 40's. A regular patrol of the pasture is a must. The dark picture above is Dorset ewe #116 and her set of twin ewe lambs. They were just brought in and the ewe had done a nice job cleaning them off. She followed right up to the barn around midnight and I heard banging on the barn doors. I told Mr. WRF to "wait until I get the doors unlatched!". He came back with, "that's not me, it's the ewe!". Old #116 (remember her triplets last year?) knew where to go and was probably saying "Hey - hurry up & get us out of the rain!".
At 5PM, the ewe that lambed just prior during the day was Rambouillet #333, a skittish 1st time mother with a single lamb. She had to be hazed/driven up towards the barn and didn't want to follow if her lamb was carried.  She settled down later as she figured out what to do after she was penned up in the barn.
Total for the day was 1 single & 4 sets of twins.
Timing? 5:30AM - 6AM - 11AM - 5PM - 11PM.  The ewe that lambed at 11AM actually had one in the pasture and delivered one in the barn as I watched.  It's always amazing to see the birth and the ewe's attentiveness. We got in a run after lunch to Tractor Supply to buy a few more buckets, bungee cords, and a livestock wire panel to build more pens.
We'll try to get some sunny scampering lambs pics soon. Time for a nap! :~0

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