Friday, April 4, 2014

Between The Storms

Wild Rose Farm Ewes Grazing - We Need To Be Sheared!
Between the blowing rain storms today, we're working the ewes over towards the barn.  The plan is to shear about half of them on Monday.  Ideally, we'll get some strong winds & some sun tomorrow.  Then we can pen part of the group in the barn to dry off for shearing on Monday.  These girls probably can't wait to get all of that wool off! 
One Paddock Away From The Barn ....
The picture below has not been retouched or squished!  We shouldn't have lambs before April 26th or so, but ol' WRF #37 looks like she's ready to go with twins for sure ... we'll have to wait & see.
Wild Rose Farm #37 - Lambs In There?

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