Friday, April 18, 2014

Winter Work To Be Finished

Wild Rose Farm - Squaring Up A Pasture Field
I know, it's a little boring, but here's our next chore to be completed.  We keep pecking away at adding more pasture area for grazing.  The trees were cut in the winter and now the wood has to be split.  There are a couple of butt logs in there to be sawn into boards.  One is locust wood & the plan is to use that to frame a raised bed garden box.   We'd like to get these split and up off of the field edge once it dries up a little and we can get both tractors and the wagon over there.  The stumps will have to be pulled and then we'll seed in the areas with grasses and clover.  We'll probably spread some quick growing rye seed as a cover crop once we get the wood picked up.
When I walked back to this area, I sent 4 browsing hen turkeys running to the treeline and awkwardly flapping up into the trees ... too quick to get a picture!

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