Monday, April 14, 2014

Sunrise Pasture Check

Wild Rose Farm Morning Check ...
After the first set of twins were born, we start routine checking of the ewes several times a day.  Here they are in the morning as I approach to look everyone over ...  just standing around.  As I slowly edged closer, the cellar door slammed.  Look at the heads swiveled to watch the door!  It's about 600' away, but they have that eager, hopeful look that says "Is grain coming our way?".
Whoa!  We See The Shepherd Coming! 
Nope, no feed until the afternoon.  Sorry.  As it turns out, nothing is happening right now, so back to milling around. 

Wild Rose Farm - Nothing Happening Here!
WRF ewe #37 is a friendly one, so she followed me back to the gate.  It almost looks like she's checking things out herself.   Hmmm - nothing yet!   :) 
WRF Ewe #37

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thecrazysheeplady said...

Lovely photos and the last one is priceless :-).