Sunday, April 27, 2014

Radar's Snow White Arrives At Wild Rose Farm!

Radar Llamas At Wild Rose Farm
Look who arrived at Wild Rose Farm today!  Our new llama from Darlene & Ray Sutton of Radar Llamas.  Ray led her off of the trailer and right back behind the barn to the ram pen.
Radar's Snow White At Wild Rose Farm
Darlene had freshened up her barrel clip and I have a bag of the wool.  She is quite curious about those small white creatures in the barn next to her, but no humming and no ears pinned back.  You can tell that she's been handled and has traveled before today!  This should be a good time to get her into the swing of things here ... lots of barn trips by us because of lambing, lambs and ewes next to her, and a nice view of the pasture field where the ewes will be grazing for the next several weeks. 
Post Script for those who didn't know - Llama Lisa died suddenly last fall - it seemed peaceful - no problems leading up to it - old age?  We knew that she was a much older llama.  When we saw the classified ad in the Farm And Dairy 2 weeks ago - "Need a llama for any reason, give me a call" we made a trip out to look at llamas!     

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