Saturday, April 26, 2014

Official Start Of Lambing ...

Wild Rose Farm Rambouillet #420 & Ewe Lamb
We can consider this the "official start" of the 2014 lambing season at Wild Rose Farm.  I found this first time mother with a lamb at 5AM this morning in the pasture.  The lamb was dry and had a healthy set of lungs once we started to move her.  She ended up walking the whole way to the barn with the ewe as the sun came up.   Love the cell phone ... called Mr WRF to come out and assist since we had to go through a gate, etc.  We also heard a turkey gobbling over in the field where I had spooked the hen turkeys a week ago.  Everytime the lamb let out with a loud "Baaaaaa", the turkey gobbled! 
Tulips In The Yard
 I pass these tulips going back & forth to the barn.  Surprisingly, they've lasted 4 years now.  I've snipped a few for the old "lady head" vase ... they make a great bonnet for her head!

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