Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Grazing Started ... Lambs Coming?

Wild Rose Farm Ewes - Back 40
We moved the ewes to the "Back 40" today to start grazing.  The grass seems to be about a week or so behind this year & I'm hearing that local rainfall is an inch below normal so far this spring.  Part of the section that the sheep are on today is a little thin.  This was cleared in late 2011/early 2012.  Looking back,  just above the top-most sheep in the center is where the brushy tangle & tree used to be.  We didn't frost seed this area in February, but I may run some seed back now and let the ewes tramp it in.  It takes a little while to get a cleared, formerly wooded (and wet) area to develop a good turf.
Think They'll Be Lambing Soon?
We separated off the first 7 ewes that were marked as bred by the rams last fall.   They are in the barn.  The ewes in this group were marked later, but that doesn't always mean that some of them won't go first.  Late night & 4AM pasture & barn checks have started! 
We have determined that #422 was an accidental breeding when we had a group of sheep gathered in the barn paddock for customers last fall ...  their loss as she is a first time lamber with a set of twins!   Ha!  ;)

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