Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Nothing Happening -vs- Something Happening

Wild Rose Farm Back 40 Ewes - Nothing Happening Here!
There's been mention in this blog when we've found "nothing happening" during our pasture and barn checks.  For the Wild Rose Farm followers who aren't sheep people or farmers, the picture above is what "nothing" looks like.  The wide angle shows no one separated off, laying down straining, or circling and pawing the ground.  Just normal sheepy curiousity/fear at the approach of friend or foe at 8PM last night.  Meanwhile, when we got back to the barn ...
Wild Rose Farm Barn & WRF Rambouillet #406 - Something Happening Here!
Rambouillet ewe #406 had started into labor at 6:30PM, so we penned her up.  Notice how she's holding her tail head up, the sunken area in front of her hips, and her expression.   She's pawed all of the bedding over into one corner.  When we checked again at 11PM, she hadn't delivered, so we assisted and pulled a set of twins.  Turns out that they were fine and in perfect position, but I didn't want to come back in a couple of hours and discover a breech.  In hindsight, she probably would have delivered on her own, but there's always the "but what if" to consider. 

WRF #50 & The Triplets - WRF #406 & Twins In Background
So now this morning at 5AM we see the #50 triplets and, in the next pen, Rambouillet #406 content with her twins.
Hey!  We Need Another Spigot Here!
And for fans of WRF Dorset "U", here is a family photo!  She's a foot stomping good mother.
WRF "U" & Twins

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