Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Triplets At Wild Rose Farm!

WRF #50 With Newborn Triplets
Our crossbred ewe, WRF #50 was looking like she was "close to thinking about lambing" at the 11PM barn check.  At the 2AM barn check, she was pensive ... standing and staring while the others milled about and chewed their cuds.  Hmmm.  Water had not broken yet, so nothing happening. 
At 5AM, we were greeted with #50 happily cleaning off her 3rd lamb!   All three - one ram (the largest front & center in picture) and two ewes are vigorous and nursing.   She seems to have a good milk supply, so after the iodine navel dip and a couple of squirts of the lamb & sheep energy/vitamins liquid drench, we've left them with the ewe to rest & nurse at 8AM.  We'll check back in around 11 to noon. 
Nothing else happening in the pasture ...

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