Friday, May 2, 2014

2PM Pasture Check

Here's the sequence of what we see when we do a pasture check .... yesterday at 2PM.
Wild Rose Farm - The Approach - What's That Top Center?

Uh-Huh - Do I See Horns?  Is That Rambouillet #401?
Yep - That's #401 Circling & Pawing The Ground
Water Broke - Looking For A Lamb!
Wild Rose Farm Rambouillet #401 Pacing
She delivered the first lamb in the pasture.  We picked up the lamb and she readily followed up to the barn.  She's had triplets in the past and we'd rather not see that on pasture.  Too many chances for someone to wander off or get left out.  The second delivery followed quickly & easily in the barn.  That's it - twins!   This was the ewe with "wool break" who almost died on us last year!  Remember? 

WRF #401 - Moved To Barn
First Lamb Nursing

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