Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Waynesburg Sheep & Fiber Fest Winners!

As the "Craft Show Chairman" of the WS&FF, I get to present the awards to the 2 booths judged to be the best fiber & craft booths.  The booths are judged anonymously by 2 older teenagers - think Lamb & Wool Queen and/or 4-H members - who visit each booth and talk to the vendors. 
The booths are judged on signage, clear & easy to find pricing, product display, AND the ability of the vendor to relate to the public and describe their products or craft.
The 2014 Waynesburg Sheep & Fiber Fest winners are:
Best Fiber Booth - Hearts of the Meadow Farm - Deb Martzall-Farmer - Tanner, WV
Deb raises Coopworth sheep and had all kinds of goodies in her booth ... tons of roving, felted soap & kits, wool dusters, felted animals, pins, & magnets, sheepskin pelts, wool dryer balls, cookie cutters, jams & jellies, etc!  After Erin finished teaching her needle felting classes, Deb told me that she was swamped with the newly minted felters picking out roving!  This was Deb's 2nd year at the festival.

Best Craft Booth - Ashgrove Soaps and Sundries - Lori Chandler - Valencia, PA
Lori from Ashgrove Soaps and Sundries is a first year vendor and she also did a wet soap felting demonstration on Sunday.  Her booth had a great variety of soaps and also her trademark ornaments made from local beeswax.  Check out her web-site and maybe sign up for one of her classes!
The funny thing is that neither one of them heard the loudspeaker announcement that they had won because they were both waiting on customers!  :)

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