Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Ewes & Lambs - Second Batch Out

Wild Rose Farm - 2nd Batch of Ewes & Lambs Out Grazing
After a little break for a trip over the Memorial Day weekend, it's back to skirting fleeces.  This batch is Rambouillet wool to be made into combed top.  Next will be Rambouillet wool for yarn, but that may take a slight back seat to other projects.  Right now, we're keeping up with booster shots for the lambs and nudging them along as we bring them back to the barn after grazing.  Pretty soon, most of them will be out in one big group grazing. 
Did I mention that it's hay season again ??? :)  Our hay baling farmer put up a dozen round bales for us before it rained yesterday.  Looks like the weather will clear up again for the weekend ... it's a definite maybe!

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