Friday, May 9, 2014

Llama & Sheep First Outing ...

Radar's Snow White - Heading Out To Graze
The mixing pen ewes and lambs were out grazing today with the llama.  The ewes were thrilled to be eating green grass and Snow White was munching away too.  This was the first outing where we get the ewes and lambs out of the barn together.  There's always lamby confusion as the ewes are preoccupied with grazing and ignore their bleating lambs for a while.
Snow White with Sheep Underfoot
 Snow White spotted Glenda the donkey in the next paddock & couldn't take her eyes off of her.  Her home herd had just learned what horses were recently, so she didn't send out an alarm call although she kept a close eye on Glenda. 
Watching The Sheep Return To The Barn
Then there was the return to the barn accompanied by more bleating!   Once the lambs find their mother, the noise subsides and the barn becomes quiet.


Becky said...

Lambs look so cute outdoors on grass...way cuter, if possible, than in the barn on straw!

RMK said...

Yes they sure do - been waiting for lambs and green grass!