Saturday, May 3, 2014

New Wild Rose Farm Twins

Wild Rose Farm #37 With Newborn Twin Ewe Lambs
Look at what came up to the barn this morning at the 5AM pasture check.  Crossbred ewe #37, an old hand at this lambing thing, delivered a set of twin ewe lambs in the pasture.  Mr. WRF carried them up to the barn and she followed right along.  I could see him coming with his headlamp bobbing, so I stood back & waited so that I didn't spook the ewe.  The afterbirth cleared as she walked up, so the lambs are a couple of hours old.   Let's leave them in the barn to settle in ... she knows what to do!

WRF #37 Working On Her Lambs
Yesterday we had 2 sets of twins and a single born.   Meanwhile, in another corner, we have a little nest of the #50 triplets oblivious to their new cousins.  :)    
Wild Rose Farm Sleeping Triplets

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