Monday, May 5, 2014

A Fairly Quiet Day ...

When we last left the sheep, it was Sunday evening and we didn't see any impending births for the near term ... we were at 22 ewes to lamb.  Here are 3 Rambouillets - gratuitous pic for Andrew if he's following along!  :)
Three Wild Rose Farm Rambouillet Ewes Due To Lamb
We didn't have any lambs at the 5AM pasture check, but we did end up with Rambouillet #405 having a set of twin ram lambs in the field around 11AM today.  The ewe & lambs are now in the barn and are doing fine. 
Rambouillet #405 Cleaning Off Twin Ram Lambs
Pasture check this evening was much the same ... no one looks like they're ready to lamb tonight.  Here is our smallest/shortest ewe in the flock, cross-bred ewe #34.  She's voted most likely to cross file as a Southdown!  ;)
Wild Rose Farm X-bred Ewe #34 - Low To The Ground!
Her triplet daughter from 2012, ewe #133, had a set of twins on Sunday.  Now here she is below standing next to, perhaps the tallest sheep in the flock, Rambouillet ewe #410 ...
WRF X-bred Ewe #34 And WRF Rambouillet Ewe #410
Finally, here's what happens when you pick up a feed trough ... Baa!  Where's the grain ?!?
Wild Rose Farm Bred Ewes Sounding Off For Grain!

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