Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Fleeces (And More Lambs)!

After the post Monday morning, we ended up with 3 more ewes lambing between 5PM & 7PM on Monday.  Then this morning between 5AM & 7AM, another 3 ewes lambed.  Now we're down to 5 ewes left to lamb ... 
So ... here's a hazy sunrise picture this morning of one of the ewes in labor after we'd brought up #47 with one lamb and another on the way.  We had T-storms & 1.2" of rain overnight, so it was a little misty.  Good to soak your pant legs if they're not tucked in ...
Wild Rose Farm Sunrise
The background bottom ewe is in labor and the ewe on the right, #404, delivered one of a set of twins an hour after this picture was taken.  We kept going back & forth with the chores and picking up lambs!
Now on to the fleeces for the Waynesburg Sheep & Fiber Fest this weekend. 
Rambouillet #406 Fleece
I did 3 fleeces this evening, but forgot to take a picture until I finished the 3rd one ... more tomorrow including another "pre-sold" fleece. 
Obligatory "U" and Lamb Pic!
View From Barn While Working On Fleeces - Llama & Sheep Grazing

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